A hero?
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"One man with courage is a majority."
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I definitely want to dedicate this blog to greatest manga and/or anime ever, Fullmetal alchemist. But there's a little something here for everyone. I have so many fandoms that I can't even keep count of them anymore. My particular faovrites are; FMA, Durarara, Shingeki no kyoujin, naruto, angel beats, and Avatar. So you'll see a lot of those things posted :D. Anyway, thank you all for following me~ its my pleasure to entertain you with this little ol' blog of mine ;3.
Love you all~.

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Track: Trust Me
Artist: The Fray
Album: How to Save a Life
Plays: 30
Track: Trust Me
Artist: The Fray
Album: How to Save a Life
Plays: 30

We’re only taking turns

Holding this world

It’s how it’s always been

When you’re older you will understand.

"May, I need a favour.  Brother sacrificed his right arm to bring my soul back. So it follows that the reverse should be possible.  All you have to do is clear a path for me. You can do that right? There's no time! Please! You're the only one I can ask to do this"


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood | All Eyecatches (Episodes 1-64)

不愉快 です - “Fuyukai desu”

Flame Alchemist || Roy Mustang

We have the power to become, no… We are idols!

Kyoukai no Kanata 2014 Calendar 

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